Cool Things To Do In Hot Summer Vacation!

As the summer heat is escalating so is the anxiety amongst the students who are on vacation. Other than engineering and medical students everyone is chilling this may! The most collective mood that almost all of us go through is “Saala bore maar raha hai, kya karna ka ree!!”  

So for all those mumbaikars’ who want to make fullest of their derneir month of holiday, here are some rapchik tips which will answer all your hows, whens & whats:

If it’s okay with your parents, and if you have the money, sign up for a week or so of summer camp. Camp is a place where you can make friends and make memories while having a great time in the outdoors.

Take advantage of your talents now! Use and improve your skills while you have time. It may become a hobby to enjoy once you’re good at it!
Relax. Summer isn’t ALL fun and games. It can also be a time for resting your brain after all that hard work at school and college. Go ahead; sleep in if you want. Watch some of your favourite television shows, walk around in your bare feet and feel the calmness of nature…just whatever puts you in a calm mood.

Sign up for a sport! This will teach you to work in a group, which will be beneficiary in life and it will be fun too. Choose one that you truly enjoy or that requires the skills that you have (such as chess, swimming, etc).  There is always a summer sports camp going around in aamchi Mumbai!

Take this time to achieve your goals in life. For those Nerds, you can start preparing for competitive exams. For those beautiful babes it’s the right time to watch out your weight, clear up your skin, and shop till bankruptcy !

Go places! Go to the mall, the beach, the library, or wherever alone or with a group of buddies and just hang out for a while. You can also have a party or sleepover if you’re allowed. Now you don’t have to worry about your parents saying, “No, because it’s a school night.” If this is not exciting enough don’t feel committed to do social activities if you don’t want to! You are your own master, and if you want to stay home one day to relax, do it!

You can go even deeper than with your imagination. For my friend Zackary he wrote a novel this vacation, likewise find out whom you truly are, discover the meaning of life, look for true beauty, or have some “family time.” Now that you don’t have the stressed of peer pressure and studying, you CAN.

Write in a journal. This will help you keep up on your writing skills too. Write down words that you like, poems, song lyrics, what happened during basketball practice, anything you want! Writing is the best thing that one can do. Keep it under your mattress so nobody finds it. And most importantly, write in it everyday, and never go back and look at the previous pages until the very end of summer, reading all at once  will help you defining the real you! Trust me it worked for me and hence I discovered myself as what I am today!

Read a book series. This may sound boring, but it will help you do better in school come fall with all of the new vocab you have learned, and also just being able to focus your brain on something useful!

Have a yard sale. It’s a great way to get rid of junk you have or things that you don’t use anymore! Plus you can make a good amount of money through this.  You can also ask your parents to create an ebay account and you can buy and sell items on ebay.
Go outside and enjoy the nice weather at marine drive and you’ll love our city even more.  Enjoy it; the rest of the year you are trapped in school, college and classes.

Have a Dhinchak summer vacation!!

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