Children’s Day was celebrated across the city in various schools and NGOs with various cultural programme, songs and dances where both teachers and students participated with equal dedication.


14th November Vaayu ’12’, NMIMS ASMSOC’S celebrated the lab-divas. The day was devoted to the young lives that are the expectations of our Nation. Vaayu, a cultural festival of NMIMS, took the initiative of celebrating this children’s day through a social cause. This was their pre-event festival which passed the message of spreading light into the lives of many of these kids from diverse orphanages and NGOs across Mumbai.

“Children’s Day Out” by Vaayu was executed in alliance with AIESEC Mumbai.

MLA Mr. Krishna Hegde gave a start to this event by a short introductory speech which was then followed by the TV and Radio Host Mr. Siddharth Kannan


The young and upcoming child artist who travelled from Deradhun, Ms. Shraddha Sharma, entertained the audience with her solo performance on ‘Main Tenu Samjhava Ki’, ‘Kuch Is Tarah’ and ‘Haal-e-Dil’.


Next up, was RJ Prachi of Radio One who came up and engrossed the children by conducting ‘Antakshiri’ with a few of these children on stage and managed to get many hidden singers and dancers among them by making them sing and dance on stage.


The event also had an entertaining drama performed by NMIMS students on a musical-comedy. The presence of guests like Mr. Aadesh Srivastava and Ms. Yukta Mookhey added to the zest of the program. “Good luck to Vaayu, and I hope it gets support from all over the country,” remarked a Yukta. “Vaayu has done a great job, and I bet they’ll keep it up. And my support is always with them”, said Aadesh. Other guests were movie actor Mr. Sushant Singh and International Snooker Champion Mr. Yasin Merchant.


Later to drama, Magic show left the young innocent kids stunned with conjuring tricks. No show is complete without the shake of a leg. To fascinate the spectators with those action-packed moves, Elevate Dance Institute and Showstoppers put up a performance that got the children grooving to the dance moves.


The presence of actress Hrishita Bhatt and voice of India Ms. Alka Yagnik also set the stage on fire. Ms. Yagnik spellbound the kids with her evergreen hits ‘Gali mein aaj chand nikla’ and ‘Ek do teen’.


Lehar Tawde, Co-Director of Vaayu ’12 said,” Vaayu is a festival that helps bridge the divide amongst the youth of the nation, and this initiative shows how 200 privileged can do ‘so’ much for 400 under-privileged.”


On the whole, it was an idea new to its kind, and definitely a stepping stone to the success of Vaayu. It was meant to be a day to remember for the underprivileged.

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