What Young India Wants - Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat: What Young India Wants

What Young India Wants - Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat: What Young India Wants

Chetan Bhagat has always been a topic to be discussed amongst the youth when it comes to reading books. Bhagat won the hearts of Indians, especially the youth with his first blockbuster novel “Five Point Someone” And then he came up with 4 more best selling fiction novels and maintained the bestselling series of his novels.

Youth apparently has always been Chetan Bhagat’s concern and topic when it comes to writing novels. Seems Bhagat was tired of writing fiction and so now he is up with the recently launched non-fiction novel “What Young India Wants”. The book was launched on Thursday in Mumbai on the Crossword platform. None of Chetan Bhagat’s novel has skipped the “Bestseller tag” and the same is expected from “What Young India Wants”. May be it’s the language that Chetan uses or it is the concept that people like or something different in his novels that the youth is attracted so much to his novels.

“What Young India Wants” is a novel which is based on the facts and social issues that exist in present India and the perception of Indian youth towards these social problems. This book comprises of Chetan Bhagat’s exclusive essays and columns which he has been writing throughout his writing career. He has written about the corruption issues, political parties and many similar problems and various issues along the line.

In one of his recent interviews, Chetan also mentioned about his perception towards youth of contemporary India. With a “sidhi baat, no bakwas”, he feels that the youth dream only about a good job and a good partner. According to him causes are second fiddle to the current youth and come only after they fulfill their personal goals. Through this book, Chetan Bhagat apparently wants the youth to progress in their thinking and alter their dreams.


This book doesn’t carry the tag “happening” and may be its the title “What Young India Wants” that is the reason. It seems to be a typical motivating novel. But we cannot ignore the fact that if Chetan Bhagat is the author, there should be a special “tadka” in the book. Those who really want to know what goes on in the mind of the great author, this book is the best. Chetan Bhagat has mentioned about his assumptions, the conclusions and the solutions about India today.

This book is Chetan Bhagat’s endeavour for a better India probably. Hope the book is jhakkas! Let’s see how the youth reacts to this novel and is Bhagat’s endeavour successful or no!


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