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Cherishing the Ancient Mumbai

Cherishing the Ancient Mumbai



The journey from Bombay to Mumbai seems to be quite an interesting one. From vintage Catholic architectures to modern contemporary fashion, the changes that Mumbai has witnessed are drastic. Although, little did we know that some of these historical masterpieces that were once considered he pride of Mumbai, are today nowhere on the map.

Thus we the team of Dhinchak Mumbai do our bit to make you reminisce the old Mumbai charm.

1# Jogeshwari Caves

Jogeshwari Caves located beneath the slum Pratap Nagar is considered one of the oldest and largest cave temples in India. Dating back to 520 to 550 CE, these caves have made significant contributions in the history of Mumbai. However unfortunately, over the years the surrounding area has been encroached upon and is infested by bats. Moreover, the Jogeshwari Caves today serve as roofs for locals to drink, pray or study.

2# Mithi River

Located at Salsette Island, Mithi River was once surrounded by lush green mangroves and was a home for some exotic tropical species. Also known as Mahim River, is today however used as a dumping ground by the slum dwellers and oil refineries.

3# Watson’s Hotel

Watson’s Hotel is currently known as the Esplanade Mansion. It is India’s oldest surviving cast iron building and is located in the Kala Ghoda area of Mumbai. Named after the owner John Watson,this one was once the swankiest hotel in the city. It was also the first place in India to screen theLumiere Brothers’ Cinematography. However, it lost competition to the Taj Hotel and eventually lost its charm.

So, all you travel bugs grab a bag pack and re visit the memory lane! Remember, the clock is ticking!


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