Chala jaau ya Kalsubai!

Kasa Kai Mumbai! Chala jaau ya Kalsubai! Tiring Weeks at Work? Thinking of taking a break from this busy Schedule? How about a dhinchak weekend!
Ever since we were kids we were always told to Aim High! And now, here’s the chance to reach high! Conquer the Highest Peak of Maharashtra i.e. Mt. Kalsubai.

Backpack Jaunts have been taking adventure trips and this time they choose to reach the top of the Everest of Maharashtra! If you are a backpacker and looking out to have fun in the first weekend on August then here’s your chance to register and walk in the clouds, to reach the highest point of Maharashtra.

Wind Gushing at 100km/hour. Beware your cap can disappear if you turn careless.


Kalsubai A.K.A Everest of Maharashtra or the highest peak in Maharashtra, has always been an ideal trek with the height of 1646 meters and is one of the most amazing sights you can visit from Mumbai, during your weekend break.

Located in the Igatpuri region of Nashik district in Maharashtra, this fascinating peak reaches an astounding height of 5400 ft and is a part of the Kalsubai Range.
Explore the fun of Kalsubai trek and take in the rural splendour of the place with your friends! It’s an incredible spot to photograph the landscape scenery and proves to be a heaven for nature lovers. The Kalsubai trek is moderately easy with only three stepping stones so as to evade the rock patches.Kalsubai

Backpack Jaunts has planned the following trek in the first weekend of August 2015. The journey will start at 11:00pm on 8th August 2015 and from thereon,
everything is gonna be taken care by the enthusiastic team of Backpack Jaunts. They have the Itinerary Posted on their website at http://www.backpackjaunts.com. Do have a look!

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/backpackjaunts all the queries are handled from
Email: contact@backpackjaunts.com don’t forget to subscribe them on their website to stay updated with future treks and adventurous adrenaline rush trips
Register today on http://www.tinyurl.com/kalsubaitrekking

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