Celebrating Art – An Auction by Nandita Gosh

22nd May 2012, Juhu Mumbai: An art auction hosted by Nandita Desai was visited by stars like Sohail Khan & Tanya Deol, simply left us jaw dropping. Paintings so beautiful even Sohail couldn’t stop staring.


Nandita, who is very well known for her dedication towards art and culture was seen at her best behaviour. Entertaining the guests and the media has never been an easy task. Not surprised Nandita manges the task effortlessly. Sohail and Tanya were seen in their happy and cheerful moods.


Interacting with each other, smiling and giggling. Finally someone in Bollywood who isn’t involved in a controversy. Good to see !


Anyway, the team of Dhinchak Mumbai wishes Nandita Desai, Sohail Khan & Tanya Mehta all the success in their future endeavours and upcoming films.

Pictures By Gunjan Malhotra


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