Celebrating 1 year of Dhinchakness!!!!


Hey Mumbai!!! kasa kay ??? Bara ahes na??? Well today is 31st January, this day we launched our most loved venture and now it is one of the most important parts of our life -dhinchakmumbai.com. We still can’t believe its 1 year that we have been interacting with you guys and have done lots of dhinchakgiri together in this course. There have been many incidences where we laughed,cried,yelled,took lots of panga just to get the best stories and updates about Mumbai for all our Dhinchak Mumbaikars. Your love and response has always motivates us to perform better. So, on this very occasion, I would like to share some of the best articles that we posted on our website with some very exclusive pictures and videos for which our reporters and photographers struggled hard.












Today i would like to introduce you all with the core team of our Dhinchak Mumbai (so it will be easy for you guys to identify them and bash them wherever you see them :p )


Arzan Antia – He is the creative head of Dhinchak Mumbai & Moksh WRTS . A typical bawa bole toh total gone case. He got in various new ideas and all the terminology that we use on Dhinchak. Right from the college chaska to kay zala and the crazy descriptions describing us that you read on the about us page, now you know the creator of the entire dhinchak language. Currently bawa is studying in Xavier’s Institute of Communication, completing his post graduation (initially he cried and yelled like a kid to go to college, but like obedient parents we forced him to join the course 😀 ) On a serious note, Arzan has been the person who got the craziness into Dhinchak. You always a need a bawaji in your team to keep it lively and happening and we got our Arzan. Thanks a lot brother.




Shreenath Iyer – Like a bawaji, you also need a short tempered anna . A person who will call you at 7 am in the morning and give you all the reports when you don’t even fucking care that the world is coming to an end. Anna is responsible for all the associations and tie-ups with various happening events and let me tell you, this year dhinchakmumbai has been associated with almost 45% of college festivals of mumbai . The credit for this goes to Anna . The marketing and branding exercise for the brand has been executed very well by this guy. I am very sure , in coming years we will be associated with all the happening events of Mumbai and other states too . ( anna stop calling me at 7 in the morning now , lemme sleep )




Naeem Sarguroh – After bawa and Anna , one hip Miyabhai ( itne saare pagal log ek venture main…god save the world) our techguru,social media pantar and our oncall recharge store, naeem is the person who handles the backpanel of the site ( Incase, if any of our articles are posted late, you know whom to blame now :p ) our social media page – i am dhinchakmumbaikar is managed by this individual. If you have not liked the page, like it now. You need to check all the post by this miyabhai, its simply amazing and total dhinchak. In order to get the latest happenings and updates of Mumbai in a giffy, do follow us on twitter (@dhinchakmumbai).







Srushti Merchant – Srush, as we all call her. If you ever wanna join dhinchak as a reporter or photographer, keep in touch with Srush. She joined us at a time, when we needed some one desperately to coordinate with all the new people joining the site. It was practically impossible for us to cover events, write,edit and post articles , then work on new associations and execute new marketing plans . So, an added responsibility would have been very tough to manage. Srush came in as a blessing in disguise. Today, the Dhinchak family has a good amount of reporters and photographer , all of them are beautiful managed by Srush.



So these were the core members of Dhinchak Mumbai, who has made everything possible. Along with these people i really need to thank all our reporters and photographers. Sanket,Sneha,Pooja,Keyur, Bhavya, Zoya, Mehul,Vishal,Amanda,Dharti and sorry if I am missing few names.


Besides the team members, some of our well wishers who stood by us in all the ups and downs of this 1 year journey.


*Sachin ruparel – the man who made us believe – any thing that we desire is possible, all that needed is some hardwork and faith. Thanks alot sir.


*Shrenik kotecha (MT Educare Ltd.) – shrenik sir gave us an opportunity and provided us with  1st biggest platform for Dhinchak and Moksh WRTS i.e. Onyx . After that there was no looking back. We still have to learn lot many things from you and we promise to work with full dedication and sincerity for all the upcoming projects.


*Pankit Chheda (Mitashi Edutainment) – Besides being  marketing manager of Mitashi, Pankit has always been a keen observer in what we did .We had many long discussions on creating something new which helped us to come out with some very new ideas like college chaska and khana peena. Thanks a lot bro.


*Rohit Nighot – One of the most important person of Moksh WRTS. His presence makes us feel that everything will go right and he will take care of all the problems we have. Thanks a lot dude.


*Dhwani shah – Our in-house critic, who will read the entire article and will like and comment on all the post of Facebook. Besides a regular visitor of the website, she is a very dear friend and been a support in all the phases.


*Dipak Raghuvanshi – The tech genius and a great observer. We learned a lot many things about this internet world. None of our team members have a technical background; Dipak contributed a lot to the website and taught us many things in internet and in life too. Thanks a lot brother.


Jay Thadeshwar – Our Brother from another mother. Founder of Techthebest.com , another part of our big family. Jay helped us a lot in managing the back panel, when none of us were available to update the website. We can proudly say, Dhinchak Mumbai is a very much secure from Hackers and other attacks because of this guy who keep updating the security every now and then.


Dev Panchal – One of the most charismatic personality we ever found. Working with him on various projects has been a blessing to us. such a great learning experience is not easy to get . The way this guys plans strategies is something out of this world. Thanks 🙂


A big hug to Romit Sharma,Kalpesh Abhani,Sachin Shah,RJ Anurag pandey, RJ Jeeturaj, RJ Rohini, The entire team of Bolly 24 X 7, Neerzari Mathak, Sushmita Sherigar, Rishika Shetty, Entire MET Mass Media Department, Rohit Jha , Parag Phatak, Ameet Muley,Sonal Bhiwapurkar. A special thanks to Ronak Damani (adinfocom) for providing us with the best servers and 24X7 tech support. Parin Dedhia and Sanket Shah (ikubes technologies) for working hard on the new face of Dhinchak Mumbai, which will be out soon. I am sorry if i am missing out some names, there are lot many people who has made it possible.


Lastly, our sponsors and advertisers who believed in us and has given a good business and kept our business running (hehehehe!!! I hope you allocate more budgets in the coming quarter for Dhinchak Mumbai in your marketing plan and fill our bank accounts with all your love ;))


All this is impossible without all of you. (Yes! You, the person who is reading this article. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your love has made us grow more and we promise that we will keep you updated with all the latest happening of Mumbai. Besides, the happening there are many more things which will be added to Dhinchak Mumbai very soon!!!


Thanks a lot .. Love you guys!!! Keep Rocking!!! Keep Dhinchaking



Sanket Bhatt

Founder / Editor


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