Farah and Boman

Boman Farah Ki bike ride to the Radio City Office.

Farah and Boman

[Video Inside] Boman Farah Ki bike ride to the Radio City Office.

Dear all, Bollywood producers and directors every now and then are in always lookout for different ways to promote their movies to catch the eyeball of the media as well as the general public. Sometimes the venue may be a local gymnasium or a sub barn mall or might be a film studio. This time the promotion of SHIRIN FARHAD KI NIKAL PADI was taken into a very unconventional mannerism with stars of movie FARAH KHAN and BOMAN IRANI riding an old fashioned bike on the premises of RADIO CITY.

BOMAN IRANI looked in good humour while FARAH was responsive to the media as usual with her charming smile. BOMAN said that NATAK KARNA MERE AAAT HAIN. He praised his co-star Farah for being a Natural Actor.

Speaking on the occasion FARAH said that she was initially hesitant to do the movie when she was approached but it all worked out well. Working on the movie she said that she has lost a lot of weight and now that its done she is very relieved. On being asked about using the Scooter for promoting the movie Farah joked about the budget of the movie being too low for the studio to get them a decent vehicle.



 SHIRIN FARHAD KI NIKAL PADI can be considered a fresh breath of air for audience around mid age couple, Quite a change from the  young aged boring love story. Hope SHIRIN FARHAD KI THEATRES MEIN BHI NIKAL PADE when it hits the screens on the 24th of August.


Pictures and Video by Devkumar Mistry




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