Bole toh Somaiya mein admission?

So it’s that time of the year when most of us look forward to long drive’s in the rain, evening get together over garma garam chai and pakoda’s , coffee dates overlooking Marine Drive, but it’s also the time when all most of our student friend’s hear is, ‘Beta kya plan hai future ka?’


Yeah yeah, results out, now it’s time to start running around colleges, calling up a hundred seniors, getting reviews on different courses and all that jazz. I’m sure I’m making most of you pretty nostalgic there, yaad aaye woh din?


Speaking of admissions, K.J Somaiya College of Physiotherapy is one of the best colleges in the city. Although it’s a private college affiliated with Maharashtra University of health sciences, its admission procedure is no different from other government colleges like KEM, SION etc. So after the MHT-CET results are out, students fill up the preference forms on given dates and the DMER – Directorate of Medical Education council (fancy words,eh?) puts up three merit lists. If you get through these then well kismat chamak gayi and for those who don’t, tension kayko lene ka? This college has an offline round at the end because usually some seats can still be given to eligible (and I mean on merit again) students. This college unlike many other government colleges also offers an NRI quota and you know what’s the best part ? It’s on merit again. So if you want to be a part of this college bid goodbye to the thought of donations or good contacts, after all paisa sab jaga nahi bolta 😉


Of course since it’s a special category there is an eligibility criteria. Only a True NRI and Ward of NRI can apply under this category. Ward of NRI, confused? Let me explain that to do you have a ‘New York wali Bua‘ or ‘Singapore wale Mama‘ ? If yes, then the good news is you are eligible for this category. A blood relative (Eg: Dad or mom’s real siblings) having residency of any foreign country can sponsor your education making you eligible for that category. The money has to be paid in that country’s currency and that can be transferred from the bank account of your relative to the college. The fee is slightly higher than the general category. As I said it’s on merit again so they have another NRI list put up where in the best candidates are selected and given admission.


That was the procedure but what makes this college different from the rest? Want to know the perks? Here you go:


  1. It’s quite centrally located, whether you’re from town or Borivali there are trains, buses ,cabs and ricks that can get you there comfortably in a reasonable amount of time.
  2. We all know how important a good hospital is with a medical college. If you’re a student here you’re definitely going to have some great doctors and all sorts of patients give you that ‘practical experience’.
  3. Hospital food makes you cringe? What if I tell you that from Schezwan noodles to Mysore masala dosa you’re going to find some great stuff in the canteen here? Thank God for a college that knows how important pet pooja is after a long day of work *phew*!
  4. ‘Graduation college mein toh sab khud hi karna padta hai‘ Heard that before? Well there’s nothing to worry about here. This college promises a really good faculty to get your basics right!
  5. Most of you inclined in physiotherapy must be well aware that physio further has neurophysiotherapy, musculoskeletal physio, cardiopulmonary etc. Unlike the other colleges a very good running OPD for neurophysiotherapy is also there here.
  6. Bunking college, after college plans aren’t all these a part of college life? If you’re wondering what’s the fun stuff around this college..we’ve got everything covered for you here .With Phoenix Market City and Rcity around  bowling, movies, shopping and restaurant hopping are all a few mins away.
    Movie freak like me? Then you’re going to love having the IMAX theatre just 5mins away. Now if you’re looking for yummy fast food but your girlfriend’s expenses don’t leave too much back in your wallet, Gurukripa’s the place for you! Its samosa’s are to die for and you’ve got to trust me here!
    With the eastern freeway just a few minutes away, a long drive along Marine Lines isn’t too far away!
    A number of cafe’s are around and if you love your cheeseburst pizza then guess what? D Dominos Sion delivers too 🙂
  7. All Mumbaikars know how dreadful the summers can be so an air conditioned classroom is pretty much a bonus!


That pretty much sums up my take on this college and its admission procedure. If you’re keen on this course you must go look up this college yourself.


Good luck to all you students there! May you find yourself in your sapno ka course and have a ‘dhinchak‘ year 😀

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