Blitzkrieg: It’s A BAD BAD WORLD

Article by Shrushti.Merchant & Sonal Bhiwapurkar


Pictures by Parijat Pansaray


Oooo Samba..Kitne Aadmi The???
Mogambo khush hua!!!

Sounds so familiar naah? We all have grown up with the filmy duniya surrounding us. We love all the heroes but we have hard core hating towards the villians of those movies. But these villians are really worth hating in day to day life. It’s a bad bad world and the bad bad people are all around us. Waise bhi aaj kal sharifo ki duniya hai kaha???May be for this reason, the bad bad world is growing and hence, it got the name “Blitzkrieg”


Blitzkrieg – It’s an inter collegiate festival conducted by the Mass Media Students of K C College at Churchgate. Bombarded with the number of shows and crisp of creativity, the festival ran for 2 days i.e. 25th & 26th November’11. The entire college was decorated with the bad – bad things, the bad spirits were roaming all around, the enthusiastic faces with full of energy, the college campus welcomes us with the huge board saying…”The Devil Inside”. Now, if you dare to get the thrill of devils, you are on the right track to come here.

The events included in the festivals were full of fun and got creativity inside each event. Each thing had a beautiful theme of their own; they have selected the mascot that portrays what their team is all about. The mascot was for the PR event and they are the face of the team. They had Gabbar Singh in the house doing the ramp walk with Basanti, there was a Voldemort  who can make you cry, the white bitch, the queen of hearts – jo layagesabki waat, Joker, Gist of Killer with the lots of thriller and last but not the least Mogambo. Only the mascot was not enough to see the energy level and kind of work teams work upon, there are also some props use by them to add flavor to the team spirit. There caps, hairbands, caps, snake and so many things to look upon.

Angels wear feathers but the devils wear Parda. And inko aur famous banana ke liye tha yeh Blitzkrieg. The festival included why so serious? Which is a Promotional Event, come up on the stage and let the sense of humour be on stage. Then, it had Mascot attack that comes under PR, Yehh Print Muze De Do Thakur whichwas organized for Advetising, Crime Master logo that brings out the designing keeda in you, Krank D up – the rock and rap band competition. About this competition, I really doubt that whether was it a real competition because all the participants were so humble and ready to help. I got an interesting kissa to share with all you people, one band was performing and the energy was still full on but in the middle of the performance the string broke of guitar and the entire hall was silent. In no time the competitors group provided the guitar and they can again start their performance. Well, it was strange but true…it seems even the devils have courtesy for others…hahaha!!!
It also has a Dance competition – Nach Basanti Nach that gives you chance to freak out on stage. In this event the group “ dance worX” left me with no words. It was judged by Guar Khan. And last but not the least Kitne Model The, n I am pretty sure sabki aankhen yaha par atki thi…yaar fashion show hai aur who bhi devils waala, kaun miss karna chahega???

It was a great work done by all the team leaders from the college, everything handled perfectly. The whole of shor, thundering sound of the claps (which was a theme jingle for Blitzkrieg). You cannot seat or stand steadily in the crowd, the music, the environment goes inside you and you neve know when you starts dancing and singing with them. The competitors were “fadofying”  each other with all new jingles, louder shouts and Ooooooooooo…..going all around. In all Blitzkrieg – ROCKSSS!!!!

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