Birds won’t be angry anymore

The busy street of south Mumbai’s Thakurdwar area came to stand still for almost 30 minutes by a single bird (No the bird was not trying to kill pigs in order to get all its egg back – remember the angry bird game!!!)


In fact the bird was stuck in a cable wire of a 4 storey building for almost 2 days, when a local resident noticed that and saw the bird is still alive and called Mumbai Fire Brigade Department. The Fire Brigade Department arrived at the spot with their new truck (yes, it was new. We saw plastic covers on the seats of the truck) . Finally after struggling to reach to the bird for 30 minutes, the fire brigade department managed to free the bird from the entangled wires. The injured bird was later taken to a vet by the fire brigade.


We always blame the government officials for being lethargic in doing their work , but incidences like this gives us an opportunity to pat their back and say “Good Job!”

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