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Big Bomb Thursday at Kino 108

Mumbai ki baarish and rickshaws do not go well together, trust me! I learnt that the hard way on Thursday evening as a couple of friends and I were heading to Kino 108 in Andheri, luckily my buddy Jimmy rescued us with his car and his slick driving skills. We ended up reaching Kino’s an hour late, which meant that we missed out on the performances by ‘Jeepers Creepers’ and ‘Paralights’. However, we did make it in time to catch ‘Spud in the box’ and ‘The lightyears explode’.

This was Spud’s first performance after their split and I was eager to hear them play for the first time since re-uniting. Moving on to their performance…

Rohan Rajadhyaksha opened with some good vocals and his keyboard, and his enthusiasm didn’t take long to seep into the crowd. Soon after, Ankit Dayal joined Rohan in vocals, both of them complementing each other quite well. The musicians did an exceptional job as they were beautifully in-sync and never skipped a beat! Hats off to Spud’s lead guitarist as his fingers were just a blur on the fret board, continuously belting out riffs and solos. Unfortunately woh jyaada josh mein aake ek song mein he jumped and uski guitar strap thoot gayi, but even that did not stop him as he casually sat down and continued using fingers to the same amazing effect.

The only downside on ‘Spud in the box’s’ comeback night was their vocals. Now don’t get me wrong…Spud is a band known for their harmonies and they were good on the night, but their vocals could do with a little working on, as in vocals ki clarity ko definitely improve kar sakte hai.

All in all, ‘Spud in the box’ is a very good band, young and energetic, doing justice to the genre ‘alternative rock’.

The next band to hit the stage were ‘The lightyears explode’, their lead singer, Saurabh Roy doing an unconventional sound check and whose sense of humour did not go unnoticed by the people at Kino’s. During the sound check, mera dost Venky mujhse kehta hai ki, “Dude this is a tad bit weird, I think there are only 3 members in this band”. Two minutes later, he turns around, wide-eyed n says, “I take it back. The lightyears explode are absolutely jhakaas!”

‘Absolutely jhakaas’ was absolutely right. The level of energy that this band brought to the place and the consistency with which they kept it going through all their songs was unlike anything I have ever seen. ‘The Lightyears Explode’ are an excellent band for more reasons than one. They not only play good music, but also interact superbly with the crowd…sort of the complete package.

On an individual level, you just have to give it up for Aaron Carvalho who shook the building with some mind-blowing drumming! Also, the ease with which Saurabh Roy got the majority of the crowd jumping and pumping their arms in the air was admirable. Without an inkling of a doubt, dudes and dudettes at Kino 108 khush hue.

At the end of the night, it was safe to say that our two-and-a-half hour, rain soaked commute was worth it!

P.S.: You can listen to songs by ‘Spud In The Box’ and ‘The Lightyears Explode’ on soundcloud.com

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