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Bhavan’s College Presents O2

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is a masterpiece in the field of Indian education which was founded by Dr. K.M. Munshiji. 67 years down the line the college faculty has proven to be one of the best in Mumbai with great determination. Thus Bhavan’s college represents the promise that it will hold the best qualities of the education, so and so forth for eternity.

O2 the fest is the brainchild of Bhavan’s College. Past 6 years O2 the fest has made an excellent effort in proving what they are. They have been successful in encouraging every kind of talent in every possible way by helping them showcase their talent. Few events leave such a great impact on everyone’s mind.

 This time we have chosen the most trending topic. Guess what? SOCIAL NETWORKING. SYNCRAZE is our new name. We intend to connect every heart with the theme “SYNCRAZE”. We now believe “Tweeting is no more birds job”, “Screaming yahoo is no more jungle” and we have accepted the very fact that “Facebook is the only book that provides us knowledge”. Going with the theme we have a crazy social networking event #LIKEABOSS, Loose con’troll’, REVAMPED and NAUTANKI KAHIN KA will blow everyone’s mind. WAR OF DJ’S will give you goosebumps wherein MURDER MYSTERY will surely make you feel like “Sherlock Holmes”. DATE YOUR FATE will give you great opportunity to know others and TUZZLES ill be the most different and creative puzzle and mosaic. For the first time ever in the history of all college fests we bring to you the most exciting and thrilling sports event i.e TRIAMPION.

Phew! 35 sponsors! Powered by Reliance 3G, co-sponsored by Mira Chemical Industries and associate sponsors ENO and Gandour. Exciting goodies by Harrisons and our other co-sponsors. Bhatti will help with the food partners and so will m.o.d . JAM is our magazine partner. With so many extraordinary events and exciting goodies we don’t want anyone to miss any one of them. so we welcome each one of you on 6th,7th,8th Dec 2012 for o2 the fest. Hope to see you there. AND HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME.

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