BELLICOSE…..Battle Of The Immortals

Centre  for Management & Technical Education @Smt. MMK college, holds its annual fest “BELLICOSE…..Battle Of The Immortals” on Wednesday, 22  february 2012 at Ramee Guestline, khar (west)

The management and technical institute holds this inter-collegiate fest every year inviting colleges of various hues and colours.
Many top management colleges of Mumbai come together to participate in singing , dancing, fashion show, and especially band events to showcase their talents.

These young adults also take part in literary  events and other performing arts.
Host of young collegians will gather at the above venue in the Banquet hall and sure enough will make this event a memorable one.


Dhinchak Mumbai hopes this festival will be dhinchak as its name BELLICOSE…..Battle Of The Immortals.



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