Dhinchak Dhinchak!… no it’s not the tune from the latest Salman Khan flick but it’s the music blasting in the ears of our dhinchak reporter who’s all set to sit back and enjoy the Jagda(Battle) of the Dhaga’s(Strings).


 To be judged by Rahul Ram from Indian Ocean, and Nirdosh Sobti, the lead guitarist of the winning band of MTV Rock On Season 1, this Desi rock competition  is going to rock with some tadka!!


Indian classical rock a genre  with great potential and awesome feel!! But unfortunately not well exposed!!  So today’s event is being organized to promote those Indian Classical rock bands that do not get the opportunity to prove their worth.


On the final day, as per the rules the 5 bands will perform for 20 minutes respectively on the 2 given challenges as follows:


1. Play a self composed track.

2. Change the genre of a non Desi song into a Desi rock track.


 So guys lets  dhin dhin   dhinkchika…..

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