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Mumbai,9th Nov Friends BOLLYWOOD movies are considered  to be following always the same path line of romance,revenge,rape scences .But is this something very true?No,not at all ,in every era there have been some bold directors who didn’t choose the same track  but tried something experimental .Last time it was Sanjay Leela Bhansali with the movie BLACK and this time its none other than experimental itching Anurag Basu with movie BARFI.


The occasion was the home video launch of the movie Barfi at Bandra hot spot Reliance trends .Barfi is a movie which proves that you don’t need word’s and sentences to express  love ,love is always unspoken and untold.BARFI Did not only win the hearts millions viewer’s but is critically acclaimed alongside with whole of media fraternity. Speaking  on the  occasion heartthrob of millions Ranbir Kapoor said that last time when his movie was released it was out of theatres next day but this time his movie has bought lot more money for producers.


Experimental movie are a must for our intellectual society  .Hats off to the team of Barfi who believed in their script and find the courage to do something experimental.



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