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Back to College

Back to collegeBack to College

When I got out of school 3 odd years ago, I never for a minute thought that I was done learning. And then I came to college. Finally, summer days are melting and its time to watch out for college bells ringing. Its that time of the year when every student longs to go back to school/college, and hell yeah, so do I. Three months of fun, frolic, fiesta and outings have ended finally. But so much so, more enjoyment and learning are about to unfold with colleges re-opening in a week or so.

I asked a few people about what they love most about getting back to college and this is what they had to say: Ronit Mehta said that getting back to college is the awesomest because he will soon be able to spend his time with people he loves the most, in terms of company- his friends. Whereas Akshata shetty says that going back to college is a good change in the 3 month long vacation routine. Of course college days are a routine in themselves. Manali Patel  shares the thought. She says she’ll finally have something to do to save her from getting ‘bored to death’… Nevil totally detests the idea of getting to college and he’d rather spend his mornings having Anna’s chai at the canteen. He says he isn’t a big fan of fail early morning lectures. And finally getting to business, Ritika Solanki  hits it to the spot. She says that who wouldn’t want to get back to college to experience the New Year and a new festivals.


As for me, I am all ecstatic to get back to college, maybe just for the absurd and random excitement it brings. Agreed, that early morning lectures can be a pain sometimes, especially in the rains, but what the hell, it rains during just one part of the year. I know we all are just waiting to take on the new academic year… Like a Boss!

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