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Mumbai 20 Nov kHi pals, Surprised why KHI and why not HI friends .This kind of language is spoken by the Kidzania kids. What’s this KIDZANIA, curious to know? KIDZANIA is an edutainment park shortly to be opened at R City Mall Ghatkopar West, where your children has the opportunity to explore any career, and not only that they have choice to earn some pocket money by servicing there.

The gracious R City Mall saw the press conference of Kidzania edutainment park with Bollywood Baadshah Shahrukh Khan as its chief guest .The entire atmosphere at the Kidzania park was entertaining as well as educative .Small Children dressed as police, doctor and several other professional.These kept the audience enjoying the moment by watching their beautiful act.

Speaking on the occasion Bollywood Baadshah Shahrukh said that this venture is closest to him and he has been always there for the children and Kidzania  park is mix of education and entertainment.

Education enlightens child’s wisdom and entertainment keeps the wisdom lively and nothing can be better than Kidzania which is a classic example of education and entertainment.


photos by Dev kumar Mistry


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