December is the month of festivals of all unaided courses at JHC, namely, Bachelor of Management Studies, of Mass Media, of Financial Markets, of Accounting and Finance and of Banking and Insurance.


The preparations for these festivals starts in the month of June where the entire committee is appointed and students are segregated into various departments. These people then start working, like the marketing department searches for sponsors, the events department use their creative skills in creating the craziest and unique events, finance department makes the budget, etc.


Here at JHC, the month of December starts with Entourage, the festival of the three courses of BFM, BAF and BBI(Financial Markets, Accounting and Finance and Banking and Insurance). Detour, the BMM(mass media) festival takes place after Entourage and to end the year the students of Management Studies have their festival called Talaash.


The entire Diwali vacation is spent in making preparations for the different festivals, it doesn’t seem like its vacation for the people who spend endless hours in the college. At this time the entire college(degree) is busy preparing for their respective festivals. The entire 3rd floor is buzzing with a lot of noise and commotion as everyone has some or the other work to do.


These are the best times in the entire year for all these students. These festivals have a different effect on students every year. New mistakes are made and old ones are taken care of. To cover all the mistakes made is the success of each of these festivals. These festivals build a sense of responsibility and unity among the students.


It’s funny to see how these festivals affect the lives of these students, their relations with other students, their way of life. At the end of the respective festival, the students have a project on their festival for which they are given grades for.


Every year these festivals have been setting a new benchmark,one higher than another. It’s amazing and spectacular to see how a bunch of 18-19 year old students handle an entire festival. A festival that involves a lot of people, a lot of money, a lot of responsibilities, a lot of controversies and a lot of relations.

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