Aura 2012!!!!!!

Aura is the annual cultural festival held by the students of Pad. Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College, Navi Mumbai. Held on 10th-14th of March this year, the festival saw some amazing moment and great performances, stories these MBBS ppl would never stop telling their kids.


The evening of March 14 will always be the most remembered one in their medical heads for two reasons. 1. Music is life. and 2. Ab tho aadat si hai mujh ko aisay jeenay mein! 😉 Lights? Check. Sound? Check. Crowd? On their feet. The evening? Amazing. Yes, it was the band event. And guess who turned up? Farhaan Saeed, the Jal sensation, was live in concert this evening at the convocation grounds right next to the incredible D Y Patil Stadium in Nerul.

The evening started off with the band of TY’s from the Medical College who grooved us to their tunes. Opening at a band event is always a toughie and these guys pulled it off quite well. The crowd hadn’t had enough before ‘Wajood’ , a band of 3 guys from MMK college, bandra walked in. ‘Wajood’ has an interesting story. Sahil Sharma, the vocalist met Faraz Sohail, the guitarist in college and realised their similar taste in music. Soon joined in by Mohit Gopalani on the drums, the band has been rocking the college band scene ever since. They played some popular Bollywood numbers, from ‘Sadda Haq’ to ‘Pichle Saat Dino Mein’ but the crowd favourite was definitely ‘Sajni’. Sahil Sharma with his quirky sense of humor and his BBM jokes had the crowd in splits. As the evening grew older the enthusiasm among the crowd doubled. Finally the much awaited band was on stage and they took the crowd by the storm. Some girls fainted, some intoxicated, a regular scene at a medical college you may think! 😛 . Who knew Rock bands could be such a charm. Farhaan Saeed and his band played out some of the most popular songs. From ‘Aadat’ to ‘Sajni’ to ‘ Chaltey Chaltey’ they played it all. Interestingly Farhaan also sung a few songs as tribute. 1stly to Jagjit Singh, one of his favourite Ghazal singers and next was Ustad Fateh Ali Khan.. Farhaan seemed to be at his best. With Aamir Ali and Saad Sultan on guitars and a drummer who would just take your breath away, the band had the crowd going crazy.


A medley consisting of some old Bollywood songs and a few Pakistani numbers made them go from crazy to berserk! The evening faded in on a high and comic end. High cause of some great music and Comic? Cuz of some quick escape! 😛 Off the stage and into their cars. ‘Catch me if you can’ seemed to be Farhaan’s last words. All in all, the band event was incredible.


Dhinchak Mumbai Says The music was great and the Aura? Unforgettable.

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