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One of the challenges that Independent Artists face till date in spite of growing in numbers, is to get a presence on mainstream platforms that also showcase Bollywood, International, Regional and Devotional content which tends to have more demand. While Artist Aloud has been working hard in building an ecosystem for itself and the Independent Artist through its initiatives including Social Media, Venues, Distribution and Product, one of its most diligent efforts has been to create a space for its artists and their content on platforms that are mass oriented.

Artist Aloud is proud to inform that it has managed to do just that by creating a dedicated showcase of its artists’ content in not one but two platforms. These include a dedicated Radio Station named Artist Aloud in India’s largest App, Hungama across Android, iOS and Windows and a personal radio mix station called Independent Artists showcasing 6 different playlists on Microsoft’s MixRadio. With Artist Aloud exclusively curating and programming these playlists, every Artist has the opportunity to be present on these platforms that are growing by the day and hence getting more and more listenership making them and their content popular.

On Behalf of Artist Aloud, Soumini Sridhara Paul – Business and Product Head, says,

“The opportunity of taking Independent Artists onto a mass platform like Hungama and MixRadio has been a dream come true and is a proof that if you consistently persevere you will surely succeed. We are confident that in the coming months, artists will gain more and more popularity because of this and will see the benefits of  expressing their creativity more and more.”

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