Anti-Corruption Protest

“Hai hai, hamari maange puri karo”, slogans such as these, echoing through the gateway of India on the 8th of april,2011, where people gathered in hoards supporting the one time war veteran and staunch gandhian, Anna Hazare, wearing topis, holding onto placards and candles. A fight against corruption was in the making by citizens of this country who wanted the Jan lokpal bill to be passed. After announcing his fast unto death, supporters from all strata’s and spheres joined hands in order to come together, fight against corruption which seems ever lastingly prevalent, and agree with Anna Hazare. The country saw protests all over and very widespread. In Mumbai, the city saw the youth, the elderly, the disabled all chanting slogans against corruption and anti-government rallies. Awaiting the decision to pass the Jan lokpal bill, and not prolong it for as many years as they have. The feeling at the gateway of India was mesmerizing to watch and partake of the gathering, right from the singing of our national anthem, which gave us all Goosebumps, to singing of freedom songs, reminiscing the times during 1947 and the freedom struggle, the feelings of togetherness was brought back with the candle light march across the city and across the country as well, which inevitably worked in the favour of Anna Hazare who finally broke his fast after 4 days. Looks like the unity and veracity of the entire nation paid off. JAI HIND!

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