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“Andheri raaton main (Not in nights of andheri 😛 ) .. Andheri raaton main ..sun san raho parr… har party mitane , har pav bhaji ke dukano ko rukane .. ek darinda nikalta hai.. jissey log Dhoble kehtey hai” yes, you heard it right guys, ACP Dhoble of our town is roaring high these days and you could catch him at the nearest night club/pubs/bars/foodstalls etc. or at places which has maximum number of check-in at foursquare or FB after 11Pm. After a big media buzz and watching some of its on youtube, I really felt writing about it and expressing what a normal Mumbaikar feels about all this.


I am sure you must have visited many night clubs or bars or if you are very seedha-sadha like me (Just Jookiinnggg :P) than kum se kum you must have visited food stalls at 2am or at least sipped a milkshake at Bachelors late night. This what Mumbai is.. Bachapan se suntey aa raha hu… Mumbai- The city never sleeps and yes it is true. Mumbai is one of the best cities in the world and inspite of all the odds, let it be terror attacks or natural calamities. It has has always been back on its feet and this is what we call “Spirit of Mumbai”. I have travelled various cities across India, right from North to South and other nooks & corner.


Not criticizing any other city or its people (I don’t have any political agenda here :P) but I remember many incidences during my trips when I said , “Fuck, yeh sab chutiyapanti Mumbai main nahi hoti, thank god.” I started my career as a crew member in events. Many a times, we used to work whole night doing all the production work and when finally the boss gives a call for break for food, the team used to rush to nearby stations to fill our empty tummy with the roadside pav bhaji & tava pulao stalls at 3-4am. The joy of getting your tummy filled with some tasty food after hard work is something which no words could describe. But I also remember the times when I have worked at various other cities, the conditions were same, overnight work and during the break there were no food stalls or hotels, even when you reach the station.


If you are lucky enough you might find tea or coffee, which is not sufficient to fulfill your hunger. Stay hungry and just wait for the sun to rise so that you can have something to eat after the hotels in the vicinity open their shutter. Sala, bhookey pet toh neend bhi nai ati. At that moment I used to think “abhi yeh time pe atleast Achija ya Geebi sagar (I am a ghatkoparite :P) toh chalu hi rehta hai hoga, if not that atleast station pe tava pulao toh mil hi jata”. Mumbai will never keep anyone hungry, and I can bet on it. Like a mother, the city has make sure that all your needs are fulfilled. People might not have a place to stay, they will sleep on roads,  but no one will ever complain that they slept hungry. kuch nai toh vada-pav toh mil hi jata hai khane ko .

Sorry to take you around the world and deviating from the main topic Mr.Vasant Dhoble & fellow Mumbaikars but it’s something you should know what a young Mumbaikar thinks about his beloved city when he is at other cities and when he sleeps hungry not coz he doesn’t have money but coz the things which is available easily in Mumbai is not available elsewhere. The incident happened at Amar Juice Centre (man, I love the pav bhaji out there :P) , Shiro and other places are something shameful. I don’t know whether food stalls on the roads sells drugs but they definetly serve food to many people . The statements made by you “I am doing my duty” won’t justify everything. People have seen the footages of your heroic act with a hockey stick. I need not say more.


We are Human beings, we laugh,cry,get angry,feel sad & emote various emotions which are sometimes right & sometimes totally wrong . We also get happy when we have achieved something or something good has happened to us or to our loved ones. India is a land of celebration. We celebrate every festival, days & what not. Incase if you don’t know People now-a-days celebrates their happiness by going out with the friends & family and especially Mumbaikars toh loves to roam out in the night and many people (like me :P) party at the pubs & night clubs. Loud music, smokey environment, happiness in your mind & heart and upon that if you are drunk (Don’t tell this to my mom, or else I’ll be kicked out of my house) trust me, the best feeling in the world. Feels like I am on the top of the world (dare you say, kya chutiyapanti baat kar raha hai, I am sure you must have felt like this atleast once). Dear Mr. Dhoble now you say, “In clubs, Men pay entry charges & girls are allowed free, this is because these girls are picked up for prostitution by these men.” I felt very sad & angry when I heard this statement on a news channel. This is a very hard statement to be made in public. According to you all my friends who join me for the party are either a prostitute or a customer (Fuck you!). How dare you say something like this to any of my people! This is our city and we are sensible enough to take our decision on how to live our lives. We don’t require any such guidance from you or any other moral police on steroids like you.

I don’t even understand why any should follow what you say. Google has a complete Bio of you and all your heroic acts in the past. No Mumbaikar will ever listen to an old grumpy man with a hockey stick in his hand and assaulting young innocent people. It feels good to see tweets & updates of various people regarding this incident. I am very happy to tell you, not a single person is supporting you.

This is a humble request. Stop screwing with our city and stop being a party pooper. Mumbai is known for its joy & fun, kindly let it be known for the same.    

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