Akcent live in concert at IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo 2011

Last but not the least, the baap of all college festivals is here – IIT Bombay presents Mood Indigo 2011. Spread across 4 days 18th-21th December 2011, Mood-I as it popularly known as was faadu this year too. This year the list of events was never ending (so I didn’t bothered to go through it) but some of the rocking ones were – UV paint ball, Live angry bird, Pronites, Live jam sessions, performances by artist like KK , Raghu Dixit, Agnee and Akcent and many many many more events which will blow your mind .


One of the attraction was live performance by Romanian Boy Band “Akcent”( This reminded me , of our Indian boy band. Remember that “Meeri neend” song and also they tried making some idiotic movie called “kiss kis ko” Damn you my boredom! I saw that movie in a theatre L ) Even before the gorey entered powai, DJ Rink (Trust me on this , she is one of the awesomest Female DJ’s in India) made the entire crowd dance right from old retro numbers to latest tadaktey bhadaktey bollywood and international numbers. Amazing energy on stage and everyone including the security people also joined the crowd. It looked like a new version of flash mob. I gained all my strength to make it to the front row to see who’s playing on the stage (Sorry Rink, all I can see from behind was some black hair and black glasses jumping up and down :p ) So , after dancing for 1 hour on every ones foot over there and vice-versa along with some short heighted gurls jumping hard to see whats happening on stage , the trio “Akcent” arrived on the stage. Black blazer with Black glasses and white skin, what else the chicks need at an event like this (so like always, the screaming and yelling started which was even more than the sound system out there) they started with some of their popular numbers – Stay with Me , That’s my name , Feel Me and many more. But the only thing which was a drawback for the event was the venue (I know, IIT Bombay campus is too big, you need to have a bike or car to roam inside from one building to another one. If you tried walking, I bet 1 week ka workout toh aisey hi ho jayega ) this event was at ground instead of the open air theatre , where other big events generally takes place. Also the stage was like your society ka annual day wala stage, with some good lighting which was very low for an international artist to perform. But end of the day, it’s the soul of the music that matters  – Jahag main kya rakha hai . The concert was really good and these are the reasons which pull you to Mood –I every year. I had the time of my life at Mood Indigo 2011 and if you wanna catch the last day of fun , it’s today. So just rush towards powai IIT now.


Pictures by Parijat Pansaray

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