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AIESEC’s ‘Youth to Business Forums’- From a Thinker to an entrepreneur

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A person with an idea is a thinker. 

A person who implements that idea is an entrepreneur. 

Most people almost always have brilliant ideas, and then those ideas die a lonely death. There is a widespread misconception, that success is just hard work. The truth is that, success is a blend of hard work and opportunity. These opportunities are the reason why some start ups succeed and some never go beyond the first stage.


AIESEC provides budding entrepreneurs the platform that connects an idea with opportunity.

Through the ‘Youth to Business forums’, AIESEC aims to provide the youth a chance to speak and engage with established entrepreneurs. It is a chance for young individuals to share and come up with ideas that have the potential to be implemented almost immediately. This event has been a fairly old concept. There have been more than 160 national, regional and local AIESEC Youth to Business forums till date.

India has been one of the newer emerging economies. Indian entrepreneurs are more aware of the effect that the world economic and public trends have on the economy and the market. India has a versatile, worldly wise and extremely well read youth population of over 350 million youth. And to an extent, the existing job opportunities do not have that wide a scope for development as entrepreneurship does. India as a country has a low employable rate owing to factors such as mismatch of education and industrial requirements and inflexible bureaucracy. Youth to business forums therefore establishes a base for the youth to discuss, act and engage in entrepreneurship and leadership.

A lot of times, usually more often than you’d think, things come down to what are collectively assumed as a stereotype. When a person thinks of an entrepreneur it usually translates into the idea of them having lost their job. This is certainly not the case for a select few with delectable fates but is so for most. 


The modern idea of being an entrepreneur and owning your business has not caught on. AIESEC in Mumbai aims to break these stereotypes. By making students aware that irrespective of their field of study, what they do in their daily lives  has an uncanny effect on the current business scenario. 


 The entire concept aims to reach out to the youth with a series of pre events and then the final event. The pre events consist of workshops in various colleges. The forum will allow students to familiarise themselves in a series of workshops taking place in IITB, KJ Somaiya and MPSTME. The workshops will be conducted by Blue Ribbon Movement; Google Business Groups and Mind Map Trainer. The workshops will engage students and give them a practical outlet to create something concrete out of their ideas.


This Youth to Business forum aims to engage students in workshops and discussions ranging from entrepreneurship to corporate responsibility, ensuring that the theme of breaking stereotypes is intact. 

The event will give the delegates an opportunity to interact with speakers like Devita Saraf and Mahesh Murthy. This forum aims to create opportunities and give the youth of today a stronger sense of personal and civic awareness and the confidence that their ideas can be implemented. And thus in a small way, play a part in creating the leaders of tomorrow.


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