AIESEC Mumbai puts Mumbai MUN 2012 on the global platform


MUMBAI MUN 2012 is a 3 day Model United Nations Conference which took place from the 18th-20th of February, 2012 in the NMIMS University Campus, Mumbai. With more than 450 delegates as a part
of this conference, it concertized the fact of having three days of wonderful debate along with a lot of social events and gatherings taking place as well. MUMBAI MUN also saw some of the best panel discussions with some of Mumbai’s most eminent personalities from the social, economic and political spheres participating in them. MUMBAI MUN 2012 was a three day celebration of the rich culture and
heritage that Mumbai boasts of and most importantly, a celebration of MUN-ing in Mumbai.

Global Village is an international cultural celebration which has been happening for over 60 years now at every International Congress, which is the largest AIESEC conference worldwide. It is recognized in all AIESEC chapters at the international, national and local level. The Global Fair show cases the culture of each continent with the diversity of countries in each one. It is a fun and colorful experience which aims at promoting internationalism and cultural sensitivity in the youth. Global Village is a celebration of the diversity so prevalent in this world we live in. The event not only allow the visitors to gain an insight into the cultures of your country, but it will also give you more pride about your own backgrounds- all in a fun and engaging way. This year Mumbai MUN and AIESEC Mumbai collaborated to organize a Global Village at this conference to help strengthen relations with people from different nations of the world.


I have always been curious about Global Village but never had the opportunity to witness it. So this year through AIESEC Mumbai I could not only witness it but even organize it with a team of about 8
AIESECers. The entire concept of Global Village is purely fascinating.

So how exactly was the Global Village executed?


We started off with setting up the provided area with 10 different stalls for each trainee. The concept of Global Village is such that each trainee represents its own nation and portrays its culture and lifestyle and describes various attributes like weather, festivals, traditions, sports etc. and how each nation varies from each other. The AIESEC Mumbai trainees present at the Global Village belong to nations like Poland, Russia, Egypt, South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Toga, Siberia etc. and they brought along their respective national flags, football jerseys and few other national symbols with them.


The phenomena that attracted the crowd the most were the AIESEC Jives (classic AIESEC traditions) and it was only through these jives that the students were engulfed with curiosity and this eventually
made them ask for more details about Global Village. The jives in a lot of ways clear all the inhibitions and enables them to inquire without putting in much thought. As I watched the trainees speak to the students about their cultural aspects, I noticed how much of interest they truly showed and personally it was over whelming. I remember when I spoke to one of the trainees from Brazil, I was surprised to hear him share such personal experiences despite being a stranger to me , showed no animosity and poured out every detail about his hometown and local festivals and traditions and how he was missing out on his most favorite annual and much celebrated festival, the parades.


We wrapped up the event with group hugs and cheerful pictures and sweet goodbyes. And what really made this event a success were the trainees and the organizing team which eventually led to a fabulous outcome.


What I learned from this event is that how these trainees inspite of being far away from home showed a lot of comfort and put their best into this and beautifully tried to showcase what the other part of the world looks like. I guess this is what AIESEC does, bridges gap between various nations and cultures and ties us together making it like an entire global family.

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