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The night of 26thSeptember is certainlyone to remember.  I find myself totally thrilled and lucky to present a scoop from that night just for you!


So why is this special? Well, first of all it was my very first live encounter with India’s most widely heard comedy podcast “All India Bakchod (AIB)” – Yeah, you read it right! I have heard so much about them (then again who hasn’t right?); don’t know what took me so long to see them live! The second best part? It featured one of my most favorite bands: The Raghu Dixit Project! It was for “Cadbury Bournville presents NOT SO SWEET NIGHTS” and trust me when I say it, it was the sweetest night EVER!


Sadly, ‘cause of heavy rains and traffic, I reached late. Blue frog was majorly crowded by then and I later figured out why – AIB was already performing! It took me less than a minute to join the “laughter mania” of the crowd and it got me thinking -Woooah, this is amazing! Us din maine human behavior ke bare mein ek cheez sikhi – Show ka beginning miss hua toh dukh hota hein, par miss kiya hua part faadu tha, yeh sun ke aur dukh hota hein.


So here’s why it was extra awesome for me: I had never attended an AIB show till then, so I had no clue what to expect. So what does that teach you? Going with no fixed expectations works…. Always!Going for any kinda show, especially standup comedy, the lesser the anticipation the more you’ll end up enjoying it.In general, AIB were bakchoding alright!  They talked about politicians, actors, famous personalities and their personal experiences etc etc. So where were the jokes you ask? Read between the lines they say! AIB just brought out the facts as jokes! I realize now it’s all around us, but we never looked at them the way they do. I guess that is what makes them unique!  If you think their name is offensive, I guess you should NEVER turn up for their show. Using bold language, non-veg jokes (“jokes which Jain people can’t crack”-AIB) were an integral part of their set. Everyone follows stereotypes, but AIB, they choose to stand out! They left no stone unturned, cracking jokes about Gujjus, Mallus, Punjabis etc.  Jokes some people might find offensive normally, but not that night! This just brought out that we as an audience have grown up with. Laughing at oneself is also an art of comedy and I can proudly say that we have finally learned to adopt it. If not, then I am damn sure after that act none of them would have gone back in one piece!


After that night’s amazing performance, I’m actually standing and writing this out because I believe Tanmay Bhat, Khamba, Joshi & the whole AIB team deserve a standing ovation for giving us a very dynamic angle to stand-up comedy!Let’s not forget, this is the same group who wrote the script for the video – it’s your fault which recently went viral!


Aapne show mein unhone bahot logonka ‘UDDHAR’ kiya. Even Raghu Dixit and Gaurav Vaz (Bass Guitarist – The Raghu Dixit Project) couldn’t escape! But,  sher ko sawwa-sher bhi mil jata hain. AIB pulling Raghu and Gaurav’s legs and Gaurav’s come back….it was all totally hilarious, giving a clear indication that agar tum Bakchod ho toh hum bhi kuch kam nahi…!It was a treat to watch this different kind of “Jugalbandi’ and the “backdrop” finally started to make sense to me. It read – Raghu Dixit Project VS. All India Bakchod! 😛


In all this bakchodi, I didn’t even realize when that comic set got converted to a musical one. Turns out the Raghu Dixit Project had already taken the stage! They kicked of their performance with their hit song – Hey Bhagwan. All dressed in traditional clothes and playing mind-blowing music! It was beyond amazing!Oh yeah, in case it wasn’t already obvious I am a huge fan of Raghu’s voice & music! He sang a few songs in Kannada as well. Before each song, he gave a small introduction about them. It helped me connect to his music more and feel the emotions he felt while he sang them. I think that’s what’s great about music- even if you don’t understand the language, it still touches your heart and soul! With this band, well, I often get this experience! And I can guarantee that so did everyone else that night. BTW there was good news for Raghu’s Fans!During the performancehe announced about his upcoming album. He also sung some off the album. Talk about a major highlight for the evening!


Just before his last song, Raghu’s guitar string gave way. While he was fixing it, the crowd demanded a flute solo. 21 years old, Parth took his sweet time to start, but when he started, people were stunned!I must say, the talented Raghu Dixit has equally talented people in his band as well. Soon, the evening came to an end. As an encore, Raghu ended the show with a song called ‘Mumbai’. What a song! Bravo! I guess no words can describe that night. It was supposed to be a – Not So Sweet Night, but on the contrary it turned out to be a very very sweet & freaking’ awesome night after all!


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