Agneepath – Movie Review

Produced by :-Karan Johar

Directed by :- Karan Malhotra

Music by :- Ajay-Atul

Starring :- Hrithik Roshan ,Priyanka Chopra ,Sanjay Dutt ,Rishi Kapoor



Vriksh ho bhale ghane,

ho ghane ho bade,

Ek pat chhav ki mang mat, mang mat,

Agneepath.. Agneepath.. Agneepath…


Last time I heard this in the original Agneepath starring Big B. Now, the same lines are back with lots of new masala added to it in the new avatar of Agneepath starring Hrithik Roshan. 26th January 2012 marks another history with the release of the epic movie “Agneepath”.


The plot is the same; Master Dinanath Chauhan from Mandva wants to change the village and educated them against the zamindar and their false schemes. Now, here arrives Kaancha (Sanjay Dutt), but he is not the old Kaancha played by Danny Denzopa . He is bald, with no hair on his body, more powerful and with lots of tattoo and piercing (This reminded me of a Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter. Pura look chapa mara hai :p ) Masterji is accused of raping a minor girl and he is hang at the same bargad ka ped situated at the corner of the village with the help of foolish villagers (Sea-facing view, I wonder what will be the cost of that place..lolz!!!  😀 ) Vijay A.K.A vishu witness this unfortunate event and from then onwards, he swears to kill kaancha and get his village back.


“Possession of power is more important than the use of the power” , the one line which constantly reminded him of his father. After the tragic incident, Vijay shifts to Dongri in Mumbai with his mother and new born sister. There again he faces the hard phase of his life and decides to join Rauf Lala (Rishi Kapoor) the Don of Mumbai, who controls all the bad activity happening around. The story takes a leap of 15 years and baby Vijay now turn into a full grown man. Vijay has his aim very clear in his life that he wants to take the revenge of his father’s death and as the time passes , he grows stronger and stronger. With all the cross politics and back stabbing, he finally manages to meet Kaancha. In the end, like in Ramayan , He burns the Lanka of Kaancha and dies peacefully.


There have been many changes in the script. I really missed the Krishaam Ayyar character played by Mithunda in original version. This time, agneepath was more of revenge than being a complete package, however this focus by Director Karan Malhotra really worked well. The cinematography is class apart. The way Mandva and Dongri has been shot is class apart. 1st half of the movie very well gives u a feeling of old wine in a new bottle. 2nd half however has some loop holes and the story get sidetrack for some time. The best part of the movie is the bigger villain. Bigger the villain, bigger becomes the hero.


Talking about the performances, people seem to be more excited about Kaancha, then the hero Vijay Dinanath Chauhan. (There were many whistles whenever Kaancha came on the screen and everyone is like “Maa Kasam! Sanju Baba kya Bhari lag raha hai.”) Sanjay Dutt has done full justice to this character; infact has given it a new identity. After Mogambo and Shaakal , Kaancha will also be joining the league. Rauf Lala played by Rishi Kapoor is very convincing and has played it very honestly. Besides the excellent acting, the look of RishiG has also amused the audience. The typical Don from Dongri..Hatsoff! Priyanka Chopra has very less to do in the movie. But she is good in what she has done. (I wonder, why priyanka is always so excited to play a typical marathi chawl girl??? But she is u Piggy Chops 😉 ) Not to forget a very small role played by Deven bhojani as a mentally challenged son of Rauf Lala. He doesn’t have a single dialogue in the movie, yet he is noticed in the movie, just by his expressions. Last but not the least, Vijay Dinanath Chauhan is already a milestone set by Big B. It would be unfair to compare both and tell you which is better. Hrithik has done lots of hardwork on this character which very well shows in the movie. Right from the perfect look and dialogue delivery , he has put in his best and I am sure audience will love him for this.


The music and background score by Ajay-Atul is very good. The “Chikini Chameli” Song which is the hindi version of “Komdi” has gained a huge popularity and the song is very well shot . Katrina Kaif (Aye hay! Hum ko deewana kar gayi !!! Fir se 😀 ) is sizzling hot and very sleek. Other few songs like Gun-Guna, o Saiya and Deva Shree Ganesha are good.


So over all , a very good justice done to the original Agneepath by Karan and his team. A fulltoo Paisa Vasool movie. Go and watch it as u get the tickets for the same :p . Dhinchak Mumbai will rate it 4 stars out of 5 and a big hug to Kaancha (we are so in love with that character, if possible, we might even shave the head of our creative head and call him Kaancha from tomorrow onwards 😀 )

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