ABCD Wrap up Party

ABCD Movie wrap party – A Fun Loving Event


At one moment of life, there’s every individual who have got secret desire to shake the world with his or her dance move.
But the question is in reality can every individual dance? The answer to this question is YES, YES  and YES, every individual is worth dancing .That is what renowned choreographer turned director trying to say through his first Indian 3D dance film called ABCD or Anybody Can Dance.
Speaking on the ocassion Remo said, ”This is my second film I always wanted to make a dance film first.It didn’t happen.But now it has happened thanks to UTV .So I am very happy about it. Further asking about the inclusion of  Prabhu Deva  and Ganesh Acharaya both renowned choreographer turned director ”Prabhu Ji is a big director and Ganesh Ji has also directed a film.I thought it would be tough to direct them ,but it was not as they knew that what a director wants.”
The person to take the credit of roaring success of the movie Rowdy Rathore choregrapher turned film director Prabhu Deva  talking to media said that ”ABCD is out and out an dance film.It is 3D which is the best part.I also danced in the film and I would like to see the film in 3D.This is the speciality of the film. Remo has directed it.You can see better dancer’s than me in the film,it was very tough to match their step”
Further he added ”I didn’t interfere or disturb him. This is the best gift I have given him. I helped him by not giving help or tips. They are better than me, how can I tell them?” he said. Further praising the director he said that Remo has done a fabulous job with him” Remo has worked 25 out of 24 hours.He has worked very hard. Best of luck to him.UTV  productions also done a tremendous job”.
Certainly age no bar, physical disability no bar, financial status no bar,the ultimate thing to dance is PASSION, PASSION AND HEART FULL  PASSION to excel.
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