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Aata Shahrukh Chi Satakli


SRK @ WankedeIt’s hardly been 24hrs over the fracas involving Sharukh Khan in a heated argument with the Wankhede Authorities and its already allll over the news…I mean come on guys…aren’t there more important stuff going on, on Planet Earth (Terrorism, Global Warming, etc etc etc) that we now have to worry about a stupid brawl  between two guys.


We are Mumbaikars man…fights are like air to us….we have fights, we make people fight(you know by spreading “bad” stuff about people), and we witness fights…People-Children-Adults- all get into all kinds of arguments and even fist fights, on the street, trains(frequently), playgrounds, school , colleges. Few galis are exchanged, shoving and pushing takes place and then some saner people step in while there is a big crowed of excited people and the matter is sorted….so what’s the big deal…Chill out…the guy was just looking out after the kids…which (f.y.i) any adult would have done in his place.


Every guy in the world has had a fight for his girl…whether a boyfriend, a father, a brother, even a grandfather…ANY guy….so naturally if someone misbehaves with his daughter (and fathers are naturally EXTRA protective of their girls) tho fir kisi bhi baap ka khoon kholega.


But none the less…Shahrukh seriously dude….nice publicity for the romantic thing…I mean which girl doesn’t like a guy who can fight for her…but on the other hand you should go easy on the Navratna advertisements, ‘cause clearly “oil” is not working, and till then take help from “bed-friend” Karan Johar and learn how to make people fight and make controversy and not be involved in the fight…After all it is Bro’s before Hoes(How I met you mother serial)


Also its good for the IPL…from now on they can be sure one thing,that if no one at least SRK will be watching IPL ‘cause from now till the next 5yrs SRK and his infamous Entourage can sit at home and watch the matches….So now he can confidently say- koi nahi tho mujhe tho dish sawar hai.

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