AAKARSHAN ’11 – Main Event

So finally the much awaited event AAKARSHAN ‘ 11 at M.M.K college has come & gone, & as expected in was a blast.


The entire auditorium was abuzz with activity, the sound crew seemed quite frazzled as they carried out the sound checks & many people were dressed up & decked up for the show.


The lights dim & we are treated to a hip-hop dance number to a medley of many songs. I recognize Chenille, the head of the fillers for AAKARSHAN ’11 & many other people I don’t know by name, all from MMK COLLEGE.


When examinations, revisions, editions, post night studies are incandescently given a back seat, and fun, fury and romps are on the rolls, yes, the college fests are round the corner. Consider this: MMK College, BANDRA  undertakes individual departmental fests rather than a common fest inclusive of all departments. Which means everything is enlarged: play, management, organization or the enjoyment altogether.


College fests infuse immense solidarity among/within the students. People belonging to different groups gel with each other to promote their concerned departmental undertakings. During these fests, the-only-to-be-seen-in-exam-crowd invariably comes to the forefront!! People blend with each other as never before; meetings and discussions are held and the spirit and novelty to be the best, is commendable. These fests, therefore, demolishes groupism and fosters individuality.


The overwhelming response from some of the most reputed schools and colleges of Mumbai takes AAKARSHAN ‘ 11 to a whole new level”. This year, with over 1000 students participating, we kept in mind the spirit of healthy competition, and at the same time, the fire to win the trophy.”


AAKARSHAN is hosted on the 17TH and 18TH of December this year, as always providing a platform to showcase and hone their skill and talent.


On 18TH December, Second Day Of Fest, We Were Eagerly Waiting For The Upcoming Events, And We Were More Excited Because It Was A Star Day, BOLLYWOOD ACTRESS ZARINE KHAN Was Coming, . So It Was Genuine That Whole College Was Excited. Second Day Started With A Bang. SOLO Singing, Group Dance Performances And Fashion Show Were Driving Us Crazy.  All Students Turned Insane And Danced And Sang Aloud At Highest Pitch. Hooting All Around, And Cheering For Friends Raised The Temperature Of The Pandal. After A While All Shouted Aloud For Bhangra And Gidha, The Punjabi Folk Dance, And The Time When We Saw Bhangra Boys We Hooted At Par And Joined Them. Tip Tap Top…All Were Having Full Fun And At Last The Most Awaited Personality Arrived, And We Hummed With Her And Danced Like Fanatical People. It Was A Memorable Time For Students, As They Witnessed So Many Inspiring Facets.


I’m Sitting In The Front Row Of The Auditorium, With The Best View At AAKARSHAN ’11. We Are An Hour Into The Show And, Until Now, All The Performances Have Been Exceptional, But The Audience, Including Me Are Getting Restless And Need A Breather.


The Overwhelming Response From Some Of The Most Reputed Schools And Colleges Of Mumbai Takes AAKARSHAN ‘11 To A Whole New Level”. This Year, With Over 1000 Students Participating, We Kept In Mind The Spirit Of Healthy Competition, And At The Same Time, The Fire To Win The Trophy.”


Must Say That These Fests Produce New Creative Faces And Provide New Platform To All. The Day Ended With A Banging Note.



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