A thousand pages turned

A raw sparkling piece of stone goes through a lot of finishing before

turning into a diamond. The cuts, the symmetry and final polishing define it,

articulate it and give it the allure it emanates. Such is the making of precious

stones and college festivals, a lot of precision and attention goes into their

making. Aahān, the annual gala of SVKM’s Usha Pravin Gandhi College of

Management, is where the proficient and the amateur work together to

transcend the ordinary. We bring to you a heavy dose of the divergent Media,

Management and I.T. streams all under one roof. A professional-based festival,

Aahān beckons to those individuals who are the ultimate game changers in their

respective fields and are capable of redefining innovation. With participants

from around the world, we assure you that a nail-biting show is on its way. Await

the extravaganza that will engulf you at Aahān 2016 on January 6, 7, 8 and 9,


Aahān, an amalgamation of media, management and I.T., is a platform for novice

in their quest for professionalism. It aims at the stars but does not lose the sight

of the ground. It is a six-year old festival that follows the spirit of applying

knowledge, innovation and creativity. The inclusion of international participants

acts as an embracement to unlock the door of acceptance and break geographical

boundaries. Come and relish the dramatic journey of how the saga of every inked

page unfolds into a sparkling enigma. From the pre-historic times, stories have

left an indelible print on our mind. To feel loved, to be in control of one’s life and

fate and even to avenge wrong. From Romeo and Juliet to cliffhangers, Pulp

fiction to the hounds of the Baskervilles, Harry potter to The Exorcist, stories

give life to characters and events. ‘A Thousand Pages Turned’ affirms to craft the

fervor as a chariot of rewarding the interests of audience to bring ‘life-like’ savior

faire and gratification. Aahān paroles to be anything what you want to be but

begins with what you are.

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