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A response to Autowala’s ‘Nai Jane ka hai!’



My dear Autowale Bhau,


Bhau, we have been staying together in the same city like a family like for ages (I mean literally for ages, once upon a time Mumbai ke zamane se! and let’s not talk about the Dobara part of it 😛 ) My childhood is filled with memories of long and short rickshaw rides. Travelling was always on top of my ‘ oh yes! I love to do this list.’


Growing up in a lower middle class family, travelling by rickshaws were a once in a blue moon affair, nai toh apni BEST zindabad ! My parents always ensured that rickshaw travel was worth every penny and satisfied certain conditions like, at least 4 / 4 and half person travelling together instead of 3 and sometimes also trying to negotiate with the rickshaw wala to ply on a fixed amount instead of meter for a longer distance route. (Yes! Yes! I know, I am Gujju 😛 and I am proud of it ) . Bhau you were part of this experience, which I could never forget!


School days were the best. Remember your outings with friends when you are not accompanied by your parents (Sala, mere toh mummy-daddy friend ke birthday party main bhi akela nai jane detey they 🙁 , who stay in the next society 😛 ) . I remember having lots of fun in the rickshaw journey (puri masti aur planning toh rickshaw main hi hoti thi ). Remember your first crush and first date when you proudly take your crush out to a coffee joint (Rs.50 ki coffee, hay la! Lag gaye , tiffin hi khana hoga ab next 1 week tak 😛 ) in a rickshaw and your hold her hand for the first time(Nostalgic! Mera pehla pehla pyaar) . Bhau you were part of this too. (not the crush wala part main 😛 all credit goes to me for that.. lol! )


For the people in 30’s and above, remember your first job interview, you are dressed up perfectly and you even used a deodorant that day 😛 . With all the documents in your hand, you rush up to a rickshaw wala and explain to him the office address and he takes you there (without saying, nai jane ka hai! Especially when you are late, very late). All through the journey, you pray and rehearse the entire interview in your head. Bhau, you were part of this too.


We Mumbaikars really had lovely memories with rickshaw and rickshawalas. But yaar, last 3-4 saal se it’s getting worse and worse. Bhau hua kya hai exactly??? Where did things go wrong??? As a family member (in consideration with Singham’s Dialogue – “Yeh mera Gaon hai and main iss Gaon ka Bajirao Singham” types ) today I ask you , Boss exactly problem kya hai??? We understand, the prices are rising day by day (just realized, when I saw Sallu’s Thumbs Up wala ad, stating ab Sirf Rs.10 main and recalled Amir mamu’s Ad of Coke, 5 matlab Coca-Cola.. Hardly 5 years difference! wooh!! Kuch toh double hua 😛 Pun strictly intended)


If you talk about Petrol, Diesel and CNG prices rising up and that’s the reason, why do you out of the blue announce a price hike in the fare whenever and however you want ;Galat hai na Bhau . Even we are facing the same for all basic necessities. People are really working hard on managing their expenses than calling up strikes at offices. Savings ki toh baat hi mat kariyo, aasu aisey hi aa jatey hai (Sala kharcha sab nikal ke, Ghanta kuch bachta hai . Bechari Priyanka Chopra has even started singing now besides modeling, acting and endorsements :p) . You also have to work on your monthly budgets like every other Mumbaikar rather just forcing all your problems on us and hiking price anytime you wish.


Now you guys have started ignoring to ply on shorter routes. If you ask an Auto to ferry you to a location that falls under minimum fare, trust me it’s not less then committing a crime. You guys treat us as if we are criminals and ignore us in series (sab ke sab , ek ke baad ek, naa bolegey 🙁 ) Even at an Auto stand, you are presented with a huge list of reasons for not going which are mostly – Gas nahi hai, Time khatam ho gaya hai bhade ka , traffic bahot hai and the most rude reply – Nai jane ka hai! (Seriously! WTF is nai jane ka hai ???). If my research is not wrong, rickshaws cannot refuse to ferry you to your destination (you can even check this on the Mumbai Traffic Police’s website) . Bhau aisa zulam kyu??? Why are you doing this???


You don’t even feel sensitive towards senior citizens and pregnant ladies. I have seen it with my own eyes rickshawala ignoring to ferry a senior citizen during rains. What, if the same happens to your Mom or Dad, when somebody ignores them, how would you feel??? Aur yeh sab kum tha then politics and politicans crops in, members of random parties beat you up for ignoring passengers, driving rashly, tampering with meters and many more reasons. Even we don’t like this, we don’t want you to get beaten up. After all this action, your union leader will call for a strike and the cycle goes on and on.


Its really frustrating, sach main everyday go through the same problem without finding any permanent solution. We have no clue what government and local civic body and other responsible departments are doing about it. All we get is assurance and flowery words (Bas! Taarek pe taarek , insaaf nai milta my lord, milti hai toh sirf taarek types ) . Mumbai has changed completely in the last 5 years. Traffic, road conditions, trains, buses, rickshaw, taxi, living conditions etc. etc. sab ki gandi baji padi hai. We don’t want to play the blame game, who is responsible or isko nikal do , usko bithao n all. But end of the day, we the citizens are suffering.


You guys have again called up a strike this month. I mean seriously aur kitni problems badhaogey. Monsoons are still not over, trains and buses are crowded like hell, rickshaws and taxis are the only last options and you guys call for a 3 day strike again and that too on weekdays.


Dear Union leader, before calling such strike please think about your customers. Please get your problems sorted with the Officials and government without affecting the customers.


Bhau, you guys have been with us in all walks of life, right from childhood to this present day. The memories were amazing but however, it’s slowly been taken over by strikes, discomfort, rude behavior and inconvenience. It’s high time, when you start thinking about your customers .


– by a  Pissed off Mumbaikar   


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