Hey Dhinchakers Diwali is right here and we are sure everyone is done with their shopping, cleaning of their house and buying Sweets.  We all know Diwali is a very tempting Festival and different people celebrate it in different ways. So what’s your take on that? So Bhai log are you’ll ready for a Dhinchak Diwali??
“DIWALI AAYI, MASTI CHAYI, DHOOM DHADAKA PHODA PATAKHA”…..Yeh hua ab purana. The New one goes this way “DIWALI AAYI MASTI CHAYI NA PHODENGE PATHAKHA FIR BHI HOGA DHOOM DHAMAKA” as this year Dhinchak Mumbai is going to celebrate ecofriendly DIWALI by using only eco-friendly crackers. Bole Toh ek dum Traditional ish-style mein.


The festival of Diwali is as old as Hinduism or Indian history. There are several mythological legends associated, out of which the most popular one is that Lord Ram returned to his Kingdom after fourteen years of exile. Diwali is celebrated for five days and on the main day; Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped for prosperity and happiness. It is quite an eco-friendly festival, if celebrated the way it used to be.


Over the years, a lot more has started being associated with the festivals, a lot of which is not the tradition, and not even welcomed by the environment:
During Diwali crackers adds to pollution. And these all causes global warming. Thinking of the future the crackers spoils out health, affects the nature and maybe harmful. Ever year there are been many cases where people get injured because of these fire crackers. And above all a huge amount of money is spent every year by people for these fire crackers. Diwali is a festival of lights so instead of burning fire crackers decorate your home with more lighting, because the light of crackers lasts for a very little time and may affect you for life time and the lightings at home looks more pleasant.

Instead of spending the amount on fire crackers and indirectly make your money into ashes you can bring a smile on someone’s face by donating a little amount on needy people. Or do more shopping, or simply save the money for future, buy a vehicle, or get a life insurance or mutual fund. One will surely be happier by doing this.

This Dhinchaker wishes you and your family HAPPY DIWALI and A DHINCHAK NEW YEAR from the entire team of DHINCHAK MUMBAI. Don’t forget to go green this Diwali save nature and save yourself.

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