‘A Dhinchak Mumbaikar’s food stop – Quattro’

‘You’ve gotta try this new place, it actually made me like a pure vegetarian dinner!” exclaimed my hard core chicken tandoori lover, friend! So a month later when my gujju/jain clan was making post exam dinner plans i thought why not see what this place has got! Bang opposite Zara (phoenix mills) this restaurant called ‘Quattro Ristorante” soon became one of my favourite finds in the city! Now me being the ‘foodie’ me ,I’ve rarely  liked all courses at a restaurant,yeah yeah I can be the fussy chick on the next table who keeps having the manager change every dish that doesn’t match her palate! *guilty as charged* but what to do, hum toh aise hai bhaiya!Now Quatros is one of the trilogy of restaurants owned by the same guy ..the others being ‘Rolling pin” and ‘Spiceklub” but my favourite happens to be Quattro’s because although it makes your meal ‘thrilling” with all the new food gastronomy it presents it doesn’t compromise at all on the taste ,and that’s where most of the new places in town seem to miss the mark! Now for all those new to the concept of “food gastronomy” Heard about the “bubbling kulfi” ,”cocktails in ice spheres” ? Well these are examples of this new concept. It basically blends physics and chemistry to change the taste and textures of food. The result? New and innovative dining experience! So when your dish reaches your table, ur jaw drops and it’s a ‘paisa vasool’ moment for the waiter closely watching your reactions! You could call it the “3-D” effects of food! With this new concept taking the food industry by a storm, most of the new places in town are trying their best to blow your minds! The first time i went to Quattros i was surprised to see that this small place in the heart of the city had already attracted a large crowd! I waited an hour for the table and after me the waiting just got longer! So do get your bookings sorted if you’re keen on giving this one a shot, at least on weekends! It’s a complete family restaurant so you’ll probably see a group of friends  celebrating bdays on one table ,a group of aunties having their monthly ‘kitty parties’ on the other and of course the big fat joint family with dada, dadi, uncle aunty, mummy ,pappa all having the perfect Sunday luncheon! The ambience is good enough too, if the ambience of the place decides 80 percent of your experience then this place may not give you the “wow” effect but it won’t make u wanna runaway either! Coming to the food so I’ve tried the Penne pink with veggies, Tex Mex loaded skins, South western rolls, Nachos Grande, Stuffed mushrooms, Fajita pizza, Mediterranean pizza here and besides the Fajita’s I’ve loved the rest! The Chocolate cage dessert is ABSOLUTELY smacking! U simply can’t go to this place and not get a bite of this! The Saturn ring dessert is also a good try! If food gastronomy fascinates you, the waiters will happily guide you with the best for the day! So yes the staff is friendly, service fast, food amazing and the most important part? Its pretty kind on your wallet too! The first time we went we were 8 of us and the bill was about 4K, and yes we girls weren’t on a soup/salad diet so that made it an average of 500 per person for us! Zomato says it’s 1500 for 2 so considering the same level places in the city this one ain’t gonna rip you off!


If you’re the only vegan in your group and are tired of hearing ” what do vegans eat?” ,then this place needs to be your next bday’s treat…for all my pure jain readers, don’t you worry ,a lot of delicious meals await you here!

That sums up my take on this restaurant and I’d definitely recommend it to all you people there, if you have someone visiting Mumbai and are confused which place will interest them ,I’m sure the varieties of Italian and Mexican this place offers will give them  a good experience!

May you guys have a wonderful and “dhinchak” day 🙂

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Place: Quattro Ristorante

Venue: Lower parel, Phoenix mills, Right opposite ‘ZARA’

Cuisine: Italian and Mexican (pure veg)

Dhinchak Rating: 4/5

How to get there? : Not too far from the station,Bus stops a  few steps away, Local cabs and you can always Ola and Uber it there 🙂


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