6 things you must do at JAI HIND College

“ Is this the F.Y. class??” was on every newbies lips. They were all over the college campus. You will probably agree when I say this, but JC’s ka presence hamesha feel ho hi jaata hai – canteen, corridors, and staircase! Observing them, some clueless, some too cool for school and some scared, took me back to my first day in college. So, I thought, why not play gyaani chokri and give away some tips:

  1. Make the seniors your best friends:  Well, Jai Hind hai hi famous, but when I chose to enrol for a course here, logo ka toh bas start ho gaya! My first three college experiences have been from the suburbs, so the town was like this parallel universe that had existed but I had never ventured into this shiny, glossy place. I had heard stories about the Jai Hind peeps being full of arrogance, saare townies who looked down on us bechare burbies. So my over active imagination picturized them as some high fundoo people. But to my surprise I found out that they were just ordinary people with their own unique identity, who just happened to speak thoda fatte classy bhaasha. So, yes, add them on your speed dial list, afterall, college festivals coming up!
  2. Canteen food: HOG HOG HOG! The dosa’s are to die for (media articles bhi chappe hai ispe bhai)
  3. Common room: Bunking a lecture? Professors are most likely to find you attending chill sessions in the Common Room. Equipped with sab students ka favourite ‘a carrom table’, make this place your Go-To.
  4. Explore: With its awesome location, hum Jai Hind ke students ko hai access to some pocket friendly  food. Choose from IFS hostel ka canteen khaana (yes, you can eat there), Naturals for all your ice cream cravings, Burger King for an expensive burger and ofcourse Gaylords and Pizza By the Bay for those dates you will be going on.
  5. Join the club: Jai Hind’s Rotaract Club and SDU: Students Dramatic Union are the most popular. Wanna be part of the inner circle, you know what to do!
  6. Know the support staff: Teachers to important hai hi, but hey, go give a tight hug to Ramesh, Raju and Santosh Bhaiya


The old building of Jai Hind with broken benches and crooked desks with scribbling drawn all over them, the old library with dusty books, the noisy gymkhana and the crowded canteen with its mouth watering yummy food (my personal hang out place in the college) will all give you a sense of belonging and a comfortable feeling with the promise of an extra ordinary experience.

And ofcourse, need some more gyaan, come say Hi to yours truly!




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