6 Reasons Why Studying Abroad Is the Best Thing Ever!

I am  writing this as I complete one year living abroad. I know there are many more experienced readers than me, but I feel extremely privileged to have; what I call as “All around the world” international living experience as I got to live in 3 major cities that matter the most in my industry- London, Paris and Shanghai! Hell Yeah! and it was a complete life changing experience.


1.Everything I mean literally everything you do, is a learning experience.

The one week before University begins you know that you have already started learning so many new things right from the facts of life that suddenly dawn upon when you are out of your comfort zone to managing your finances, experimenting your culinary skills, communicating in a new language with the locals and finding your way through the public transport sans the luxury of your own car!

Its all a learning experience through travel, cross cultural interactions, exchanging ideas and developing new perspectives and yes of course the University classes which are much more interactive and practical than you have ever experienced before.


2. You become more responsible and gain some life survival skills

As you are tasting  your newly conquered freedom, it doesn’t take long to probably realize all those things about discipline that your parents once told you to follow and you try hard to practice at least 20% of it to keep your life in order.

And looking back, you feel like you have grown so much in that one year than you ever did in the past 24 years by gaining some useful life survival skills which your future self would thank you for the rest of your life.


3. You achieve at least 50% of your bucket list and make the new bucket list at a completely different level.

As you tick off items from your bucket list, which now seem very simple to you like ‘Watch Paris from the top of Effiel tower’ or ‘Trying stuff in Amsterdam’ and  many more crazier things, you secretly start building another adventurous and more challenging bucket list which keeps inspiring you for the years to come. It also takes your dreams to an altogether different level.

All through this, as you travel a lot which in itself is a learning journey, you also break the prejudices, create your own experiences, stories and yes, selfies to share for a lifetime.




4. You start living for yourself and learn to take chances.

You realize that the only things you regret the things you didn’t do and its better try and fail at something than never try at all.You start trusting your own experience and own self more than  following the crowd or blindly listening to what others advised you to do. You basically become more optimistic and less materialistic in life, enjoying every moment and the experiences and  people around you.

You stop worrying about what others think of you and actually start doing what you like. Within all the extra time that you have got, you totally rediscover your hobbies or learn some new skills which makes your life much more interesting than ever.




5. The Sky is the limit  and the world is your home.

No, its not just about travelling. You no longer limit the job search to a specific city or country for that matter. With the international degree and new set of life skills you are ready to bring on any new challenges in life and gain the courage to encounter all your problems on your own for which you had to call your parents every single time. You also overcome your fears as you don’t have an option but to face them which makes you stronger as a person in all aspects.

You also make connections  all across the world that you can boast of for the rest of your life and can also transform them into meaningful professional relationships to move in your direction of the international dream.


6. You realize how much you love your family and vice versa.

Staying together you never expressed it so much or almost took lot of things for granted from parents advice to sibling rivalry, but now you miss it all. You become friends with your parents(not necessarily on Facebook yet) but in general by sharing the little details of your life which completely annoyed you during the adolescent years and suddenly all those Skype sessions are a part of your schedule which cannot be missed. And i cannot even express the joy of receiving parcels from home, the true treasures on foreign land.

You were always excited to leave your home and live abroad, but now you feel equally excited each time you plan a trip back home and can’t stop thinking of the excitement of meeting your family and friends after so long and hogging on all your favourite dishes.

by Shreya Bondre


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