5 reasons why COLDPLAY must visit India

Ok so.. woke up on the morning of 1st April, not realizing that it was THE April Fool’s Day. Abhi financial year ending ke baad, kaheka kuch yaad rahega. So while still in bed, I came across an article that woke me up instantly. COLDPLAY to TOUR in INDIA.

I mean come on. Who hasn’t been dreaming about this. If the Seinfeld event was called off due to parking issues, this one would have to be declared a national emergency. Being a hardcore Coldplay fan myself, I instantly thought of saving up all the money I could, even travelling second class if I must only so I could buy myself the Coldplay tickets.


But then, shits ho gaya. The article, as was not expected, read ‘HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY’. Like the thousands of others who shared the post, I was marred by disappointment. Yet another hoax announcement of a tour and yet another fool.

Being the curious bum that I am, I took to the internet to understand why COLDPLAY didn’t tour India. I found questions on Quora, but Coldplay didn’t answer. So I chucked the plan and instead thought of listing the top 5 reasons why Chris should convince his managers to let him come to India.

1. The country just published an article about Coldplay’s fake India tour. Guess what.. It got 3512 likes, 1377 shares and so many more hate comments against the author. But hey, that’s market validation enough right?

2. India is probably the only country which has a facebook page dedicated to ‘Bring Coldplay to India’. A super active page, this one has about 3269 fans and counting. Oh and not forgetting the countless groups created for Coldplay


3. 60,355 people are demanding that coldplay be brought to India

4. Probably also the only country that has every Blue Frog, every Hardrock and every freaking live gig place have ‘Tributes to Coldplay’ every other month

5. The media is excited about the Coldplay tour to India as anyone else. They covered it in 2008 and 2014 (both rumored trips)

So so so.. if this convinces them enough, we hope just hope that apna Mamu log don’t do any nautanki after that.

Hey.. why stop at 5. Do you have more reasons? Put them down in the comments section. Let’s make the world know that Coldplay MUST visit India.

In the meanwhile, here are some NOT to MISS concerts of Coldplay.

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