2 Years of Dhinchaking!


Year 2


We’ve grown, we’ve matured and we are sober.  ..atleast at the time of writing this article. As much as a fail that is, our lightweight boss-ji doesn’t have a lot of faith in my drunk typing abilities.

Back on topic, WE’VE GROWN!  Its our birthday, our bacha has turned 2 today. Celebrations and bonuses all around (Cc. Human Resources). What  started out as small college project has metamorphosed into a full time job. The team as moved into a modest-sized office and is in the process of shifing to a a bigger one in the near future. We have marketting, accounting, sales guys and beanbags everywhere. Apparently all of these are necessary for running a successful business.

So yeah, we have been busy. Over the past 365 days we made some changes and launched a bunch of new ideas.  The major ones being

  • The New design.

The biggest change, We got a new design. The new sites focus has been ease of access to content being published and better usability.

A lot of the articles which earlier would get buried under new ones are now available on the front page and are a lot more visible. This was an intended side effect of an upgrade to the software running the site. DhinchakMumbai.com has been shifted from WordPress, to a custom and  flexible CMS to match our needs. Its like moving from a Mac to a Windows/Linux PC. This has made it easier to scale up and introduce new features in future.

  • Dhinchak Mini Reviews

The movie reviews on the site are no longer the traditional 350-400 word article everyone’s used to. It’s short, fast and sums up perfectly what you need to know before making a decision to watch a movie.

  • Dhinchak Pingya

Sometime during the year we launched our BBM channel for the quickest and juiciest updates about the city. We have pushed updates ranging from the best deals, places you should be, places you should avoid, weather updates, etc. Bandar mein Audi jal gaya? Our Pingya circle was the first to know. Bole toh, news before it goes viral.

If you are a BB user, add kar.. the pin is somewhere on the right.

  • College Internships

We at Dhinchak are quite proud of this, we have provided about 20 or so college students their first opportunity to work in the business and have their work published. Over their tenure with us the Interns have received on field experience in covering various Bollywood events, interviewing celebs, writing quality features and detailed look into the industry.

                As much as we have taught them, we have also learnt from them. We have implemented some of their brilliant idea into the daily working of the company along with improving our managerial skills and increasing efficiency. We look forward to having more of these fresh minds join us, if you are eligible do apply. The link for the internship is at the top of the page.

  • Dhinchak Collegekar

College student being partly our primary focus, we developed Collegekar. A sort of ‘by the students, for the student’ project using our infrastructure, expertise and guidance.

Collegekar has been successfully tested with half a dozen colleges in the city, along with tie-ups with a lot more for the next academic year. The idea has been sucessfully pitched at investors in the NSE who have been more than willing to provide their support and expert guidance for the future of the company.

We look forward to releasing more details in the coming days.

Well that was was year 2.. Twaah as the french call it (not really ..or do they?!). Off to year three, working on new ideas, bigger projects and a larger audience to cater to.

A huge shoutout the PR agencies, celebs, our backend team, family and friends and everyone who has worked with us. Thank you for all your help and support so far, It has been a pleasure and privilege working with you and we intend to keep doing so in the future and days to come.

Looking forward to having you’ll stick with us for the new year and years to come, God bless and keep Dhinchak-ing.

For the entire Dhinchak family

Elroy Rodricks

Creative and Online Operations head.

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