1 on 1 with Mr.Malhar 2011 – Arzan Antia

Since this is my first interview and my dear boss Sanket Bhatt just threw me in the deep end of the ocean and told me to interview Arzan Antia; the creative head of Dhinchak Mumbai who just recently won the “Mr. Malhar” title in his college, St. Xavier’s, Mumbai (taaliyan); please forgive me if I’m not really up to your expectations. This post here, is actually a hearty congratulation our Mr. Antia on
winning this title.


As you guys know, Arzan gives Dhinchak Mumbai its funkiness which by the way comes totally from him. This twenty-one years old ultra cool guy who’s currently pursuing advertising at Xavier’s has the quintessential ‘x-factor’ which made him win this competition. To quote him, his USP is his moustache for some reason which I choose not to disclose. I was supposed to call him a day ago for the interview but couldn’t. And I really am apologetic for this almost stale news.


Mr. Malhar, 2011 is really happy to win this title. He says that he’s worked really hard for it. He had to go through various rounds out of which he rocked the final one. He had to prove that Dalai Lama is a rockstar. And he proved it so magnificently that even the judges got bowled over and announced that title of Mr. Malhar hands down goes to Arzan Antia.


This guy is so humble that he went “arre baba, I just won Mr. Malhar” when I asked him what’s your key to success. There are some people who talk and talk and talk and turn out to be completely empty when it comes to intelligence or wit. And then there are those people who talk less but their intelligence and wit are witnessed in almost every word they speak. Arzan falls into the second category. I’m not bragging just because he’s the creative head, but because he’s actually very witty. He can be pretty brutal when it comes to honestly giving comments. But still somehow you don’t feel offended by his brutality. Maybe that’s one of the many reasons he won Mr. Malhar.


When asked to describe himself in one word, he said: I’m supercalifrageristicepsialliducious. Yes that’s a word according to him. He talks like every Xavierite and yet you find something different in him. Yes, I know I’m praising him too much; but honestly, talking to him only for fifteen minutes makes you get awed by his zeal. Finally, before getting done with the small telephonic interview with Arzan, I asked him two questions. First was this: Who according to you should win Mr. Malhar except you? Name any celebrity. And he answered Mithun Chakraborthy. Yes, Mithun Chakraborthy.


And my final question, rather my final request to him was to tell us, what quote he follows. And he said “Don’t feel sexy, be sexy”. True that.


With this I come to the end of my post. Wonderful experience writing even a few words for Dhinchak Mumbai. Hope to catch up with more posts and entertain you guys soon. Peace out.

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